Meet Green Santa...

Santa Claus has an older brother that you might not have ever heard about.


His name is Green Santa.


All this time, he's been living happily inside the trunk of a huge tree in the woods. He is friends with all the woodland creatures. Bears hibernate in his guest bedrooms, golden eagles nest on the thick branches of his roof, foxes snuggle up on his porch, and little elf-eared squirrels play and chatter around his fireplace.


He learns from his forest friends that children of the world are calling out for something different this Christmas. They want a healthier planet, with cleaner air, more trees, more smiles on people's faces. 


These children want the same thing we do, Green Santa exclaims! We must help these children make their wishes come true!


Green Santa asks who wants to help. All the animals raise their paws, lift their hooves, squawk from the air, blow bubbles from the water. Even the trees sway from side to side with joy; everyone is buzzing with excitement to join the crew.


All the plants and animals know, we are all part of the same family, we share this planet, our home, so of course, we work best when we work together.


To begin to create a better world, Green Santa needs to know: what do you want for the planet this Christmas?


Green Santa and his magical helpers will help you on every step of the way to make your wish come true - to create a greener, brighter, happier place for life to flourish.